6 things to know about CoolSculpting treatment

These days, people are becoming conscious of health and fitness. They understand that bad fats impact the health system in many ways. It increases weight, heart rate, cholesterol level, etc. So, to remove unnecessary fats in the body, the cosmetic industry has introduced a method known as CoolScupting in Dubai. It does not involve any cuts or usage of anesthesia. It is a technique to remove fats from the areas where it is tough to remove fats through exercise and diet plans.

However, unlike the traditional fat reduction method, CoolSculpting is safe and does not involve health risks. It involved capsule medicine plans. Also, dieticians and nutritionists offer customized diet plans to their patients. It is mandatory to note that CoolScuplting may involve some potential risk. Understanding before the treatment is helpful. Well, here are some of the things to know about the CoolSculpting treatment:

  1. It is different from the Liposuction method.
  2. Some possible side effects of the treatment.
  3. Results of CoolSculpting treatment.
  4. Understanding the treatment terms.
  5. Ideal people for CoolSculpting.

This kind of fat reduction method does not require any preparation beforehand. Just a few considerations help to understand the process. Also, experts’ advice is a must before opting for the procedure. Without wasting much delay, let’s move in with the details:

  • It is different from the Liposuction method:

The main difference between Liposuction treatment and CoolScuplting is the basic procedure. Liposuction involves a surgical method that removes fats from the body. Whereas, CoolScuplting is not on surgical procedures. The sculpting process is less expensive as compared to the surgery. However, people having excess fats must opt for Liposuction as it is more effective. CoolScupting is for removing stubborn fats.

  • Some possible side effects of the treatment:

Every cosmetic procedure has some potential side effects. But these are not always harmful, and the side effects are removed using the correct medicines. However, it is to know that the coolSucplting method has some potential risks like:

  1. Redness and swelling in the areas of stubborn fats.
  2. An ache in the body.
  3. Gradual enlargement in the area of treatment.
  4. Onset pain, etc.

These are some possible side effects. If any of these occurs, it is mandatory to consult physicians as soon as possible.

  • Results of CoolSculpting treatment:

What to expect from the CoolScupting treatment? It is the most asked question by the patients. Before answering the question, it is necessary to understand that this method does not help in losing weight. It removes excess fats from the fat by crystalizing the fats and processing them through the liver. It is a slow process, unlike other fat reduction methods. The experts say that results are more apparent after three months of the treatment.

  • Understanding the treatment terms:

The CoolSculpting method is associated with cryolipolysis. It uses the freezing technique to remove the dead cells and does not damage other cells. It only works in the targeted areas. There is no internal damage to the tissues too. The process is short and takes only 30 to 60 minutes. All clinics of CoolScupting in Dubai follow the same procedure.

  • Ideal people for CoolSculpting:

Sculpting means to curve and shape. Everyone can opt for CoolSculpting. Except those who have an excess amount of fats. It is also ideal for women who are trying to get pregnant. The treatment deals with stubborn fats that diet and exercise do not remove but not weight loss.


Before consulting any experts of CoolScupting in Dubai, gather the information listed above. It will help you to know better about the fat reduction method.

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