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It all starts with a desire. Perhaps you’d want to go hiking. Perhaps you’d want to go skiing at Silverton Mountain or maybe snowmobiling! You could perhaps just want to have a beer at a saloon straight out of the old west. Silverton is a four-season destination. Silverton is designed for the adventurer’s adventurer! The Visitor Centre’s great staff can make your vacation worthwhile! Silverton, situated in the centre of the San Juan Mountains amid Red Mountain as well as Molas Pass, is a historic mining town brimming with potential. Adrenaline-packed thrills await when visitors dare to drive!

Visit Silverton’s historic district and the area’s various museums to learn about Colorado’s history. There is no shortage of options to do in Silverton, with a range of historic attractions, outdoor activities, and breath-taking landscapes.

Super simple to find perfect accommodation in Silverton Colorado! There are varieties of hotel in Silverton Colorado at different prices and services to comfort the tourist. Some rooms include a mini-fridge and microwave. This is a fantastic location to stay; however, it is requested to be careful about the noises from the common area as they can be heard from your rooms.

Excellent tiny lodging situated in downtown Silverton! The rooms are smaller than your normal hotel room; however, one can find it ideal in terms of good peaceful sleep as well as the service provided. The room is right in front, between the front door and the stairway to the second floor, so you could hear people coming, but at night one can enjoy the environment and rest. One can ride bikes everywhere as parking is just out front and within walking distance of all the stores and eateries. One can certainly reserve such hotels for their future trip down!

It is indeed a fantastic experience, with plenty of space for us to spend the entire week. The bed is superior to any hotel one can stay comfortably for days. It is essential to living in one of the best quality hotels as it is quite convenient for travellers! One would love to simply stay in this room and hotel with a beautiful ambiance. 

Many people had a fantastic time at the Kendall Lodge! The services are pleasant and extremely clean. The bed was the most comfortable we’d ever slept in either a hotel or hostel. The person at the reception that greets us is quite pleasant and helpful. Overall, the hotels and town are both an excellent combination! One would cherish every minute they spent in Silverton Colorado doing various activities as well as at the comfortable hotels

Room Specifics: Please be advised that check-in will take place at the sister property, the triangle model, which is based near 848 green street Silverton.

Straight BOOKING: When compared to rates shown on third-party websites, booking directly via our website can save you up to 15%.

All of their rooms have free Wi-Fi, 400-count linens, 100% cloth towels, plus Euro top Serta mattresses. The greatest number of rooms that may be booked online is three. One must contact the number available at their site to reserve more than three rooms. The first night, or the only night, is charged after the reservation is confirmed. Each reserved room will be charged for the first night. ALL cancellations are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee per room.

 In the coming, the hotel intends to provide a complete catering service, as well as a 10-bed communal sleep room on the floor level as an economical alternative.

It intends to make not just the best hotel in the world, but also a year-round gathering place for locals, visitors, as well as the outdoor industry.

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