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Vacations are the time of the year when we can have our ‘me time’, spending hours doing things for which we don’t get time because of our packed schedule and enjoying to the fullest. Traveling is mandatory in those months to relax and get that stress of daily life away. Whenever we travel we make a budget and plan how to go about spending the vacation. Our pre-planning makes us feel quite excited a couple of weeks before the actual plan time itself. If you are planning on visiting Silverton, a town in Colorado, USA, and want to save up on money while staying in a place that feels like home, check out the Triangle motel which offers you a reasonable price and the amazing hospitality that you will fell in love with.

   Why motels?

They have been a part of American culture for almost a century but what exactly is a motel?. During the 20th century, a couple of factors have led to the proliferation of a new form of accommodation, a motel is a unification of two words motor and hotel. The buildings in America known as motels nowadays were originally developed with parking lots in mind as people prefer to drive to places so it was made sure to incorporate the design of parking lots and accessibility into the buildings, with easy access from parking lots to rooms. Motels in comparison to hotels are way better.

Triangle motel

This motel is based in Silverton, a town in Colorado. From the rooms through the windows, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the San Juan mountains and the lakes. The motel is located at a place closer to the Silverton City Hall and the local markets,  within a 10-minute walk away. From a convenience store to a restaurant, you can find everything.

Amenities provided by the motel?

  • The staff is quite helpful and friendly, they cater to all your needs.
  •  The rooms are neat and clean, renovated every year. Daily housekeeping services are provided.
  • The Wi-Fi facility is provided which is free of cost and the connection is stable.
  • The Hotel doesn’t compromise with the safety measures. Fire alarms and illuminated exit signs are everywhere. Because of the covid 19 outbreak, the rooms are disinfected regularly.
  • If you are a pet lover, you don’t need to worry as they take proper care of the pets.
  • The rooms are spacious and comfortable, provided with necessities such as a mini-refrigerator, a coffee maker, and a TV to binge-watch your favorite shows.
  • Food is the key, it is made by considering sanitation and proper hygienic conditions. Mouth-watering food which is healthy and tasty and a desert is like a cherry on top.
  • Parking is a unique feature, this is the utmost cause of people staying at motels.

Is it worth the money?

Staying in a motel will not cost that much, the prices are quite reasonable. If you want to save up money then explore the town in the spring season, the prices drop down every year during the spring. You can easily book a room in the motel by direct access to the website which doesn’t involve a third party. Considering the multitude of facilities, it is definitely worth the money.

Many people prefer driving on vacation nowadays instead of boarding a plane, so motels are the best consideration as they have parking lots which make things easier. If you are visiting Silverton anytime soon and want a place to stay which feels like your own then triangle motel is there for you, book your rooms and enjoy the astonishing view as the motel is surrounded by mountains. Enjoy your vacations in the arms of nature.

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