Here’s Your Fun Fact Guide About The Best Tandem Kayak

Do you want to kayak with your family or friends? Or go fishing in a lake or river? Then the tandem kayak is an excellent choice to add to your outdoor adventure with family and friends. A high-quality tandem kayak is a real workhorse and can provide various functions for correct operation in multiple aquatic terrains. Here in this guide, you will get to know about tandem kayak to choose the best tandem kayak.

What are kayaks?

Over the years, kayaks have evolved as a popular means of enjoying sporting and leisure boating activities. It is considered to be the best and excellent way to exercise, relax and enjoy at the same time. The two most commonly used kayaks are racing boats and recreational boats. Racing kayaks are designed for speed and manoeuvrability on rapids, while recreational kayaks are designed for comfort and paddling long distances on oceans and lakes.

The facts about kayaks

As mentioned above, kayaking is one of the most thrilling water experiences one can ever have. To make it more intense, it would be great if you read more about kayaks. Here are a few facts about kayaks that you probably are not aware of.

They are 4,000 years old

Shocking right? Indeed. Kayaks are at least four thousand years old. You can search about the history of kayaks, and you will get to know that the world’s oldest surviving kayaks are in the North American section of the Museum Five Continents. The more you dive, the more information you collect about this historic sport.

The people of Arctic North America invented it 

The history of kayaks is so old. It was first invented and used by the Inuit, Aleutian, and Yupis. Often referred to as “Eskimos”, these natives lived in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska.

It was designed for hunting

Nowadays, people might use kayaks for fun and sightseeing, but it was primarily used for hunting and referred to as ‘Hunter’s Boat.’ These small boats or kayaks are ideal for crawling on animals that live in the water or on the banks of rivers. Common prey is seals, caribou and whales. As you know now that kayaks are 4,000 years old and were designed for hunting, you will be thrilled to know what they were made up of.

The first kayak was made from animal skin

This is one of the most interesting facts, and you will be astonished after reading a few upcoming points. If you thought blowing up an inflatable kayak is a tough job, imagine building one in the 15th century! Inuit and other locals make their kayaks by sewing animal skins, often from seals, and stretching this material onto frames made of wood or whalebone skeletons. Doesn’t it sound terrific? These early kayak pioneers also used whale oil to make their boats watertight.

The kayak water races were added to the Olympics in 1936

During the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the “flatwater race” was introduced. In 1948, the Olympics added their first women’s paddling competition: the 500-meter singles kayak. The first whitewater race was aired in 1972, and the Olympics hosts more than ten whitewater races. So kayaking is not only about fun, but it is a reputable sport too.

In 2003, the Pigeon River witnessed 60,000 water enthusiasts

In recent years, kayaking has become a favourite sport for many water enthusiasts. If you are water enthusiasts, you must be aware that the Pigeon River has been transformed into a major destination for kayaking and water rafting. Many people worldwide show their love of kayaking as the lower part of the river is considered ideal for kayaking.

Kayaking continues to evolve as a recreational and competitive sport. However, at the same time, the improved performance in race kayaking relies on modern technology for new designs and construction methods and can lead to new materials. At the same time, many kayakers will insist on using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic, on constructing the best tandem kayak. Hope this guide was a nice tour for water enthusiasts. As soon as this goes well, go back to the shoes and have fun.

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