Painless Fat Reduction With Trifecta Light By Lipomelt Machines

Being overweight cripples the social image in various ways. Moreover, it is also an alarming concern while attracting countless physical and mental problems. The wreckage of status and image due to overweight is well known, and people often try numerous ways to route out. A complete change in the lifestyle in modern times isn’t a happening task; thus, many rely on surgical and medicinal treatments. Red Light Therapy or the usage of Lipomelt is one of the common bariatric treatment involving red LED lights. Trifecta light by Lipomelt machines is the most chosen and recommended for painless and guaranteed results.

What Is Lipomelt?

Specific places like belly, thighs or arms gather fat quickly, and spot reduction is the most wanted. The physical exertion of the particular part isn’t completely fruitful as the strain and effects spread all over the body. Instead of exercise or surgeries, red light therapy which is commonly known as Lipomelt, is preferred. Unlike liposuction, it isn’t painful invasive burning of the fat cells but rather the sessions melt the cell membrane to dissolve the fat into the body.

In contrast to single time bariatric surgeries, this process involves multiple sessions where the impact is mild with no possible adverse effects.

Procedures During The Sessions

The treatment of trifecta light by Lipomelt machines is considered a relaxing therapy by many patients. The results are positively gifting and quick if combined with a clean diet. The session includes:

  • The intended fat cells are targeted using infrared light. The adjacent organs and muscles aren’t affected as the light doesn’t penetrate deep inside the skin. The cell membranes are melt to ooze out the fat, avoiding burning them completely.
  • LED lighting is preferred as the power is more and the cells absorb a lot to melt quickly. The frequencies are adjusted accurately to provide efficient power to point in a particular directional way. It helps in exact spot reduction.
  • The Lipomelt machine consists of flexible pads to cover the fat-burning region. The light is projected through them. It is also sold as a complete set with pads for the face and limbs. Along with them, therapy straps for post-session relief and the main power controller is provided. The kits are handy and automatic once the settings are registered.
  • The patients can use them by themselves or visit any trifecta light treating centre. The experts also imply the same machinery but perform the job in a friendly way with perfection.
  • The controller has eight portals and inbuilt control buttons, making the design is user-friendly.  Each session is around 45 minutes long, where the fat from cells disperses off to the bloodstream.
  • As the sessions provide temporary treatments, the patients need at least 12-15 to eradicate the spot fat. Post the treatment; they are expected to be active and eat clean to boost the blood circulation to consume the molten fat as energy.

No more is the overweight figure a villain for one’s health and status; anyone can now treat themselves out of this issue with handy and effective Lipomelt treatment. 

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