Rocketed Growth of 123movies–An Overview

The excitement and appeal of viewing movies has not died away whether it’s online or in theatre. Majority or rather everyone watches movie of his or her choice, and its expanding and everlasting industry.  There is enormous website where one can find any movie and web series to watch at any point of time. Movies are the best thanks to escape the strain and tension of the day and obtain transported into a world of fun and magic. Nothing’s higher than eating popcorn and sipping a soda whereas observing the newest movie with your friends or family, irrespective of what age you’re or what you do, movies are perpetually there to alleviate your stress and supply you with excitement.

Growing technology has paved not only the way for education and trading but also the commercial world. The easily available internet and technology have made everyone enjoy movies and music anywhere and anytime.

Recently, during this pandemic period, almost all audience prefers viewing online movies over theatres. 

Nowadays, movies are available both online and offline. Which one to prefer: Online or offline mode? Both online and offline modes have their pros and cons. Here, let’s look at 123movies.


123movies have become popular and have had tremendous growth in a few years. This is mainly due to its cost and portability. There are several movie streaming apps available at affordable costs. The movies and other series can be viewed at one’s convenience.

It was reported that YouTube was the first service to provide online streaming. But a failed attempt was made a decade ago by a publication in Hong Kong. Further developments and enhancements made this online streaming a successful one. Now, one can witness high-quality movies and videos.


  • It is available 24/7. Hence, one can watch anytime, anywhere when bored.
  • It doesn’t require any travelling and reduces the cost of transportation.
  • It doesn’t require getting dressed up to watch a movie. One can be in your comfortable clothes.
  • Also, one can enjoy our favourite snacks such as cakes, cookies and many others.
  • One can pause the movie when held with some other work and continue it later.
  • One can spend time with friends and family in their own and loved way.
  • There are many apps and sites available for free as well as at affordable costs.
  • One can rewatch any movie several times without spending much money.


  • Since it is available all day, people spend more time binge-watching a web series or series movie.
  • It can cause health issues if a person continues watching instead of moving around.
  • It can make people lazy and stick to a place for a longer time.
  • The number of piracy sites has increased, giving lawmakers and producers a nightmare.
  • Not everyone can enjoy the best sound and visual effects at home.
  • To watch a movie online, one should have proper network connectivity, which may sometimes fail.

Having all the reasons explained and listed, there is no doubt that why one shouldn’t consider watching movie online over theatre. Everyone has their own view and opinions regarding online movies and theatre, some audience enjoys watching viewing it in theatre big screen and feeling of being there and so on.

Nowadays, most people prefer 123movies rather than watching at theatres. Watching movies at home had drastically increased after the corona pandemic since people were restricted from moving around.

Since people love watching movies at home, they continue and prefer it. Watching movies online is never a crime unless you use any piracy methods.

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