The Coolest Things to Enjoy in Dubai’s Desert

Attempt dune crashing if you’re feeling bold

Take a 4×4 for a dune-smashing adventure with a trained driver. This adventure is ideal for action junkies you’ll undoubtedly feel the rush as you drive up or down these sands in the jeep. Those kinds of trips are often included within night safari packages.

Test out a fat-tired bicycle

Discover Dubai’s deserts on two wheels or, best yet, a fat bicycle! You may travel the desert on such bicycles having oversized tyres suited for desert sand with help of an experienced practitioner. There are big bicycle tours that take you all around the desert for five hours, and if you’re feeling brave, put your health to the test on one of these trips!

Throughout the desert, discover about falconry

See as falcons taught to perform a display soar up to 3,000 ft. Pair the falconry demonstration with a glider trip and a sumptuous brunch to make the event even more memorable.

Have a good time on the sandboard

Sandboarding is a famous deserts sport. Sliding down the sands on a surfboard is a lot of fun, so make sure to include that in your Dubai desert safari.

Take a horseback ride

Horseback riding over the desert is an identical experience to a camel ride. These kinds of adventures are one-of-a-kind and ideal for unwinding.

Drive the buggies or an ultra-wide bike

Riding a quad motorcycle in the dunes will undoubtedly be a thrilling experience They show you how and when to operate the quads and outfit you with safety equipment. Alternatively, you could ride in a buggy, which would be more pleasant. Both are a little pricey.

Take a ride in a classic Land Rover

Enjoy the safaris in luxury in an antique land rover whether you’re searching for anything even further opulent. These excursions are typically more costly but they are well worth your cash because they incorporate a variety of different activities to enhance the desert safari adventure.

Hatta Heritage Town is a must-see

Visit Hatta Heritage Town, a reconstructed mountain village with mud and brick houses that depict life hundreds of years ago. To get the most out of your trip towards this village, mix it with a four-wheel trip, while most excursions also include transportation.

Visit the Dubai Desert Protection Reserve to see wildlife

Have a wheel drive ride all around Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with a trained safari expert. You will be able to fully appreciate the magnificent Dubai desert safari and animals, which is the UAE’s greatest carefully conserved location.

Enjoy some street food while watching a show

Whereas the adrenaline-filled activities of the day and evenings at the scenic drive can be exhausting, you can unwind with some excellent regional food as well as an entertaining program.

Stargazing will enchant you

There’s nothing quite like stargazing at night throughout the midst of a desert It is among the most magnificent sensations and the finest way to unwind after the events’ heat and intensity.

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