Why do I feel depressed?

Depression is the most common problem in many people’s life. There are many kinds of depression we will overcome in our life and each will be different. We can’t find the exact reason for it because there are plenty of reasons behind it. Whenever we can pass through some situation, we feel low at some point without reason. The depression should be treated as soon as possible at the minor stage or else it will lead us to a dangerous path even life-threatening issues will also occur. We can discuss the types of depression and then find the reasons behind them. They are,

  • Anxiety: most common problem in all. They feel nervous without reason and will be uncomfortable when they are out. This we can see in children and youngsters because they don’t have much knowledge about the people and feel shy to talk with them. In those people, it is not a big issue but when elders too face the same they need medical attention.
  • Panic attacks: they feel something uneasy and can’t breathe at that moment but they will be fine. Through their imagination it occurs, people will afraid of life without reason and won’t get in touch with anyone because they think something might happen to them and someone is always watching them, etc., due to imagination always their heartbeat will be high.
  • Lonely feel: many people will be surrounded by us but we think no one is there for us. This occurs due to many reasons such as family issues, surrounding problems, educational problems, etc., they won’t be friendly and always hide themselves to avoid people. Always yell at someone and moody type.
  • Low self-esteem: people will feel always an inferiority complex; it will be developed from their childhood due to comparison problems. So as in adulthood also they face the same issues and won’t let their ideas to others and think others may tease them. They won’t show their hidden talents in front of others due to inferiority.

How to find the depression state?

The depression state can be easily found out by our actions. We can’t find it but our close ones will pick it. Depressed people always feel unhappy and uncomfortable at all places. They don’t show interest in their favorite hobbies; always hide their identity from others even they are well versed in it. Won’t show interest in sexual life and angry at all, feels someone behind them at all time. Always in urge and feels lazy to do works, and don’t find satisfaction at any cost. Whenever we try to speak to them, they will avoid us and won’t talk to us by seeing the face. Once we find anyone with these symptoms or else we face any issues regarding these, people should aware of it and seek medical attention.

How can I overcome it?

Yes, everyone will think about it, how we can overcome this issue. The answer is simple, whatever happens in our life we need to share with our loved ones because they won’t hurt us at any time and give the best solution to the problem. It will give uttermost relaxation; whenever we try to hide our problem it will create stress and anxiety alone but won’t be a solution to our problem. Sharing and spending time with family and friends is the best thing in the world, from childhood we should encourage the children to share the things that happen in the school because they won’t hide it even when they are adults. Another solution is, seeking medical advice and follows their instructions to relax and get depressed-free.

Why people choose am I depression game?

Am I depressed quiz is played by many people to find their depressed stage condition. Some people don’t whether they are good or having some issues. So while playing this game we can identify our exact condition and based on it we can go for further treatment. Each question will be clear and it will be based on some condition to identify our inner feeling. People should go through the question and answer from their heart without cheating because we have to take care of ourselves; no one is going to make our life better than us.

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