Need of waterproof phone pouch for everyone

If you decided to go outside with friends and want to enjoy activities like pool partying, swimming, going outside on rainy days, going on a bike or cycle ride in heavy weather, or if you want to enjoy your time in water parks or even if you want to play Holi, in all these circumstances carrying a waterproof phone pouch with you and can be useful for you.

If you want to enjoy all of this with carrying your phone along with you then the need for this product is a must. Nowadays, many smartphones come with water-resistant technology but to add a bit more protection to it you can always rely on this and if your phone isn’t waterproof then you should add this to your list of accessories. Because the price of repairing a water-damaged phone can be very high and can cost you a lot of bucks.

Several high-quality brands of waterproof phone pouch    

There are many brands available in the market and you might get confused about which one can be suitable for your phone. So, to clear all of your confusion and help you to buy an ideal pouch for your phone let us have a look at some of the high-quality brands of waterproof phone pouches.

            •          Peaking this list is the JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch. You can buy this from many online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Features of this product are it can easily fit the larger phones, the price is also affordable, and you can even keep some more items inside it. There are two major disadvantages of this pouch is the lanyard of this product is quite thin and can be uncomfortable to use. The price of this product is $7.99.

            •          The number second one is YOSH waterproof phone couch. These are available on many online platforms. Let’s talk about the features of this pouch. The clarity of the phone’s photo and video is good if compared to others, the phone locks are also easy for you, and the hemming is also totally encircled. The cons of this product are size is a bit small and the touch is also getting fickle sometimes. The price is also $799.

            •          TeaTronics Floating Waterproof Case. You can get this from many e-commerce websites. The attributes of this product are it comes in two packs and can be ideal for larger phones up to 6.5 inches, TPU window is also scratch-resistant. Demerits of this pouch are it can be critical to float with heavy phones, and you need to put some effort to open its latches. The price of this waterproof case is $11.19.

            •          ProCase Universal Waterproof Case. This is also available online on many websites. Features of this waterproof case are it can prove to be excellent to protect your phone from water, the quality of the lanyard is also very high and you can even get an adjustable slide, if your buy two pouches then you can avail huge discount. The only drawback of this case is sometimes the clarity of photos and videos is not clear. The price is $14.99

            •Vansky Floatable waterproof phone pouch. This product is also available online on many websites. Let’s have a glance at some of its features. It provides an external jack for your wired earphones, the case is floatable, and you can use locks conveniently. Some disadvantages of this product are it’s a bit smaller in size if compared to other ones and it can be sometimes difficult to use the touchscreen of your phone. The current price of this case is $9.99.


If you have got an expensive phone and want to protect it from all the aspects then buying an ideal waterproof phone pouch is highly recommended as it won’t restrict you to take your phone along with you in water activities and you will be able to click some breathtaking pictures inside the pool or on top of the hills in the rainy season.

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