Puberty 101: A Guide To First Menstrual Cycle

The first period in a girl’s life is called “Menarche”. The average age for getting the first period is between 12 and 13 years. During this age, the young girls will start feeling symptoms, such as sensitive nipples, change in body shape, growth of pubic hair, and secretion of bodily fluid. 

This is also the age when girls have many questions concerning their body and menstrual cycle. Therefore, they should be educated about the science behind everything so that they become capable of taking care of their health and hygiene.

If the period does not start by 12-13 years, there is no need to worry too much. Some get it when they are 10 or 16. But one may need to visit their GP or gynecologist if they do not show any sign of puberty even after 16 years of age.

Factors that affect the age of menarche

Instead of worrying aboutwhen will my first period come quiz“, try to educate oneself about the factors that can cause a delay or early onset of the first period.

Nutrition level

The nutritional level in the body is one of the vital factors that determine the period cycle. If there is a lack of nutrition, or the child was not breastfed, then it is highly likely that their period may get delayed. Proper nutrition is required for the body to have a healthy development and reach the puberty stage.


Researches say that girls need to have at least a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 17 to get their first period on time. Also, children who are overweight tend to start their menstrual cycle earlier than their other peers.


Children who were born underweight and had very less exposure to physical activities and exercise tend to get an early period. Also, if during their young days they were exposed to smoking, then also, their menstrual cycle will arrive earlier than others.


Few studies have shown that race can also determine the age range when their girls will get a period. It is observed, that African-American girls tend to get their periods around three months earlier than the average 10-16 years range.

Life style

Sometimes the lifestyle of the girls can also be a determinant of when they will get their first period. Usually, young ones with an affluent socio-economic background seem to get an early period.

Life experience

If the child has been exposed to too much stress and has faced any kind of trauma in their younger days, this can lead to early menarche.

Common questions asked by girls about their first period

How long do periods last?

Usually, periods last for 2-7 days. Typically, after 4 days the flow becomes light and is mostly just spots. In case the period lasts longer than seven days, consult a doctor.

Does exercise stop period?

Exercise can affect the menstrual cycle, but only if one takes part in intense physical activities. Such abnormalities are usually experienced by professionals.

Is it normal to skip a month?

Irregular periods are a normal phenomenon in the first few years of the menstrual cycle. It is the time during which the body is getting accustomed to the hormonal changes.

Are clots normal?

During the period, blood is not the only discharge. The uterus also sheds its lining, so the clots are endometrial tissues. It is very rare when blood clots can be something to worry about.

The first period can seem stressful, and it is alright to be scared but avoid hiding any kind of physical discomfort from your family or doctor. In the menarche cycle, the body is going through multiple hormonal and physical changes. Seeking help in case of any issues is the right thing to do.

One can also try taking when will my first period come quiz to get better clarity on their first-period timeline. Try eating and drinking healthy and do exercise. A healthy body and diet are always good for a regular menstrual cycle.

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